Through the Stages

Love, Karen Marie Mason


Karen Marie Mason

For the last five years, I haven’t felt very pretty. I wanted help but didn’t know how to ask for it. I felt ashamed. Scared. And at times lonely. At first, my plan was to cure myself naturally, and then come to you with my triumphant story of David beating Goliath. I would share it with my people, and we’d all heal ourselves of any and everything sickening us. I created my own little hopeful fantasy. I still believe in this but I also realized that I was being cocky, ignorant and small-minded. I actually tried to take on cancer by myself.

My metastatic breast cancer escalated to Stage 4 and I desperately needed help. I was crying out. These writings became my tears.

“Through The Stages” started as an e-book. Writing about it gave me some relief. Sharing my story of both pain and pleasure seemed to offer a little solace as my mind tried and is still efforting to process the journey.

As things got worst in my body the writing ceased. Suddenly. Looking back recently I realized that I had not written a word since July of 2018. That’s how long I have been away and distant from myself on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Just gone. Well almost. The spinal compression surgery left me unable to walk for months. The opiods left me unable to decipher whether I was coming or going. Well I have decided that I am coming. I will heal and I have lots of work to do.

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Love. Karen

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