Shrinking and Yet I Rise


The main tumor (breast) is shrinking and so is my body. I am down to 103 lbs and I’ve lost close to 3 inches in height…from the spinal compression surgery. I was a little depressed at first but I’ve turned my thoughts into thoughts of victory. I have a Pet Scan in December to determine what is going on with the rest of my body.

I haven’t written in my “Through The Stages” ebook for a while. I am starting to write again.  Just a little. Been on my back for close to 9 months after spinal compression surgery after the cancer spread to my spine. Thank you for your continued support.

I am well. Really. I am. Signed. Shawty Karen.

PS. And while I may be in this space right now I can assure you I will NOT remain there. Change is inevitable and I am ushering and welcoming it in.

PSS.  Photo of me and babygurl in Jamaica a few years ago.

By karen marie mason