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When Does June End


I have been silently watching and waiting for the month of June to end.  Be over. I had no idea how I would feel once it was over.  Would I feel victorious or would I feel like I have failed. Would I be disappointed or would the only disappointment be that I shared too much of my intentions on social media for this month and ended up not achieving them. It would be one of my busiest months ever. ...



Greetings: I want to move forward but I want to leave all the baggage, the sickness, the dis-ease and the disappointment behind.  I have a friend who has been saying that as soon as she quits her job the saints will come marching in and she will be happy. That was 5 years ago and she is still at the same job.  So does that mean that she has been unhappy for 5 years? I don’t know.  Just...

To Kenya On Father’s Day


Your daddy gave me the most precious most beautiful most delicate most ambitious gift in the world. You. Your daddy was kind and patient and loving and like the rest of us he was flawed. Flawed in a way that gave him courage Flawed in the way that drove his ambition and desire to do better by all his children. His flaws were his fuel. He didn’t hide them (like your Mommy) in fact he had a way of...

The Healing Power of Family


My niece asked me last weekend at my nephews graduation from Colgate University why I haven’t been to Detroit to visit. I didn’t have an answer. At least not a good one. Feeling ashamed, broken, pained just didn’t seem like a good enough answer to tell my beautiful and brilliant rising senior at University of Michigan who genuinely wanted to know why. I didn’t have an...

Love Or Fear


Many of our decisions are guided by two thought processes: love or fear.  For instance let’s say you are not feeling well and don’t want to go to work.  The love response would be to call in sick.  The fear response would be to go to work sick.  This fear could be motivated by money, threat of losing your job or whatever.  It doesn’t really matter the motivation. What matters is...

Through The Stages


Today I release the Preface of my “Through The Stages” e-book. It’s not perfect. It is imperfect and so am I.  Grateful for all who are supporting this journey.  You will receive a link in the email that you used when you ordered.  The plan is to release a chapter a month.  Seven in all.