In my wildest dreams I never would have imagined coming on social media and telling you my personal business. This wasn’t my plan. I certainly had no intentions of sitting in front of you with one tit. A cancerous one – staring at you.  

If I startled you, I apologize. If I offended you then I apologize for not giving a shit. This is my body. My journey. MY LIFE. And I have finally come to terms with all of it. 

This, my friends, is what Stage IV breast cancer looks like on me. The cancer is estrogen positive HER2. I take Cannabis and many,many other supplements. In January I added hormone treatments to my protocol and so far the results have been good. I have been advised by the best and I look forward to sharing all my angels with you.

For the last five years, I haven't felt very pretty. I wanted help but didn't know how to ask for it. I felt ashamed. Scared. And at times lonely. At first, my plan was to cure myself naturally, and then come to you with my triumphant story of David beating Goliath. I would share it with my people, and we'd all heal ourselves of any and everything sickening us. I created my own little hopeful fantasy. I still believe in this but I also realized that I was being cocky, ignorant and small-minded. I actually tried to take on cancer by myself. 

So if you are wondering, "How can I help?" I do have lots of needs, particularly, for those who can burn in the kitchen or enjoy making green drinks. There are always needs around the house. 

My village: Another important way you can help me is to pre-order my e-book, "Through The Stages". In it I will share with you my personal approach for a cure, which has been a combination of holistic and hormone treatments. The e-book will also include why I opted not to do chemo or radiation. Yes. I have insurance. However, your pre-order purchase will help cover my uninsured expenses, including high dosages of medical marijuana and health supplements. And honestly I just want and need a little more communal love. 

"Through The Stages" will be delivered to your inbox one chapter per month, starting April 29th. The plan is to release 7 chapters, but who knows where this will lead. It's all so very scary. Don't cry for me. I've already done enough crying for us all. 

I would like to use my little soapbox to bring attention to so many women who may be suffering - from whatever - in silence. While the book will be my own personal story. I hope that it will inspire someone else to speak his/her truth. 

If you would like to support me on this journey you can pre-order "Through The Stages" e-book below. Thank you. 

Love Karen. Through The Stages. Copyright Through The Stages © 2018