E-Book Test 2

I don’t remember what age I was when I lost my virginity. When it was taken. Without permission. I know
written by @Shantiom I remember that night … that day well. I was on my way back from Mobile, AL,
Sometimes you just need a reminder. A reminder of where you were and where you are. A reminder of what
I ended up in Egypt because my Course in Miracles Study group has study and initiation/ascension journeys to Egypt up
I have been silently watching and waiting for the month of June to end.  Be over. I had no idea
Karen Marie Mason
    Greetings: I want to move forward but I want to leave all the baggage, the sickness, the dis-ease
Next came Vietnam where my daughter lived at the time. I had heard about all kinds of medicine from scorpion
His words. Sometimes music. Sometimes therapy. Sometime both. Sometimes healing. Sometimes hurting. Sometimes both. Sometimes flawed. Sometimes not. Sometimes living.
Your daddy gave me the most precious most beautiful most delicate most ambitious gift in the world. You. Your daddy
I spent my first couple days in Madagascar alone. My daughter had to take a last minute trip to Kenya