E-Book Test 2

I stopped in South Africa on my way to Madagascar to meet my daughter who was working as a diplomat
My niece asked me last weekend at my nephews graduation from Colgate University why I haven't been to Detroit to
Karen Marie Mason came into my life because of what she recognized in others that was actually a part of
I am not writing this from a place of brokenness or despair. I am writing from a position of hope
I fell. Hard. Long. Saw things a little clearer from rock bottom. And now I rise.  
Many of our decisions are guided by two thought processes: love or fear.  For instance let's say you are not
My story is not breast cancer. At least not anymore. My story if and when it will be told may
Today I release the Preface of my "Through The Stages" e-book. It's not perfect. It is imperfect and so am