Yo! That’s Hip Hop


The year was 92′ Super Cat was one of my projects as the marketing director at Sony and I was especially proud and filled with responsibility as one of my dreams was coming true. I wanted to elevate reggae to popular status in US and position as many artist as possible for uber stardom. Outside of Shabba there was this renewed interest in reggae and (being a yardie) I had something to prove. I proved it. I will share that story later.

So on this faithful night Supercat was on the bill with PM Dawn. I don’t even remember how or why I made this happen but it was somehow part of the plan. The Sound Factory was packed.. Sardines-like packed. Cat did his thing and that should have been by cue to exit stage left.

Fact is as someone who was extremely active and extremely successful in the music business I rarely went out unless I was throwing the event or one of my artist was performing. Other than that I was home handling my business of motherhood. But on this night I invited a bunch of the folks from the Source Magazine in attendance and felt a light obligation to stay a little longer. But why.

The room felt tense. I was use to and could recognize the feeling as I had been in many a reggae dancehall where the noise being heard was not firecrackers. LIke the time I was at Red Parrot chilling with Shinehead when his bredren whispered something to him. He dipped. Quickly. Didn’t mention shit to me. I should have followed cause the next few minutes it was wild wild west up in there. Remember that Diane Cook. Gunshots everywhere. Everytime I see or talk to him I always remind him of his negligence.Not sure what I was doing there because it was not my event but a sister got to have a good time some time.

So PM Dawn starts to perform. I already told myself I would only stay for one song and dip. Don’t think he ever finished the first song because all I saw was a gang of people took over the stage (KRS One and his posse) and PM Dawn went flying in the audience. Well he was thrown after a few good licks. Two seconds later “South Bronx” came booming out the speaker and KRS One ruled the stage. WTF. And the place went wild. I had no idea what just happened. Didn’t sign up for this.

I called my car service and didn’t wait inside for their arrival. I would rather stand outside. This was too much. Why so much glee. I tried to talk to some of the guys from the Source but they were in their element and wasn’t hearing my “what’s going on” questions.

I was traumatized while most people were saying “yo that’s hip hop”.

I went home to my babygurl.

By karen marie mason