E-Book Test 2

I just finished watching The Photograph a tear jerking love story starring Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield. I fell asleep
  Her exact words were “come home with me and let me take care of you”. I was still laying
In 2018 I tried to avoid people as much as possible. In 2019 I was bed ridden and mostly out
“There is no adequate description for the weight of grief of a loss so profound that words disappear” Adria R
The last 9 months have been a blur. This fog phase started in Montego Bay Jamaica in December. Well no.
The main tumor (breast) is shrinking and so is my body. I am down to 103 lbs and I've lost
In every breath is the past present future In every breath is everything that happened is happening will happen Everything.
Go ahead and feel what it feels like to feel. Again. Sometimes we get distant from our own feelings. Get
I am not as organized as you might think. Sometimes I write things that I think sound awesome as fuck.
“I’ve watched my daughter go from precocious child to confident teenager. I’ve watched her take near perfect direction and instruction,