It’s Real This Time


I wrote this July 2018.  It’s real this time. Oh and today is my birthday. January 21st.

I want to move forward but I want to leave all the baggage, the sickness, the dis-ease and the disappointment behind.  I have a friend who has been saying that as soon as she quits her job the saints will come marching in and she will be happy. That was 5 years ago and she is still at the same job.  So does that mean that she has been unhappy for 5 years?

I don’t know.  Just trying to make a point.

We all know that person that says “as soon as such and such happens…my life will change”. Well I am that person depending on what day you catch me.  “As soon as I am healed I’m gonna do such and such.”  What you gonna do then that you can’t do now Karen?

Yes. I am talking to myself in the midst of talking to you.

What I am realizing is that I must learn to live with, through and beside my health awakening.  Not referring to it as a challenge any more. Dis-ease just doesn’t go away one day and health appear the next.  They work in tandem. Doing a dance together and depending on the work you put in, one or the other will dominate.

Life is too short to be waiting for something to happen before you make something else happen. Next month I will announce the launch of my start up, HealingATL as I continue to push myself (with your help)…through the stages.

By karen marie mason