Let Me Take Care Of You.


Her exact words were “come home with me and let me take care of you”.

I was still laying in bed exhausted from doing so little. Bones still mending in my back from multiple fractures due to the cancer that had spread to my spine. I needed and wanted to lay there all day all night. I called my cousin in Florida. Or maybe she called me. Either way it was one of those destiny calls. She said “Karen you can’t be there by yourself”. I stumbled out a few words about having a team that was always available when I needed, a support system that continued to show up for me and how grateful I was for the love that seemed to reverberate in and from the community.

My cousin replied “that’s great Karen but you need someone round the clock with you”. This was September 2019. I hung up the phone and contemplated. It was hard to admit. But she was right.

The only person that came to mind lived in New Orleans, had a 10 year old son (who was delivered via water birth In my backyard when she lived with me…10 years ago) and was most likely about her business(es) but I called any way. I told her what my cousin told me. I was a bit too prideful to admit (first person) who much I had fallen. She understood my speaking in tongues and asked me how soon do you need me. Reality struck. “Right away” I said. “Ok” she said. I will be there as soon as I can.

Within a few days Kelly was at my door. Dependent on the walker she would later remind me how pitiful I looked when I opened the door, bent over. Sick. She stayed with me for 10 days. Preparing food, laughing with me, listening to some of her older tunes, massaging me. Loving me. Love and joy had returned to my heart. I had no idea how much I was grieving deep inside from the passing on my friend Chris, the cancer, the crisis which had now become my life.

On the 9th day she came in the den and said “come home with me and let me take care of you”.

I wanted to say no. I mumbled something about doctor’s appointments and meds and some other grumble mumble. None of it making too much sense but Kelly had a response for everything “I will see to it that you get to your doctor’s appointments, we can drive up from New Orleans”, “one of your friends can pick up your meds”. I had no excuse not to say yes. So I said yes.

She would later tell me that she was scared to ask. I would later tell her that I was scared to accept her offer.

So off we went. She cleared out a room for me, gave me comfort, gave me her arm to hold me steady, helped me as needed in the bathroom and organized my supplements which were many. I had started to follow Patrick Delve’s cancer protocol system and there was so much to keep track of. Kelly did all of that until I could do it myself.

She kept her word and took care of my every need until I was able to take better care of myself.

Sometimes we need a push. She was my push. Within 2 months I was off the walker, preparing my own supplements and cooking in the kitchen. I’m in a much better place and space mentally. She and ALL OF YOU are reviving me in ways that only time will reveal.

There are no words to describe this kind of love. None.

Thank you to my community. Thank you Kelly Love Jones.