Love Or Fear

My Neighborhood.

Many of our decisions are guided by two thought processes: love or fear.  For instance let’s say you are not feeling well and don’t want to go to work.  The love response would be to call in sick.  The fear response would be to go to work sick.  This fear could be motivated by money, threat of losing your job or whatever.  It doesn’t really matter the motivation. What matters is the choice you made over the option to love and take (self) care of yourself.

Choose love you’all.  These thoughts came to me while I was walking my neighborhood.  It’s not something that I use to do often but so much of what I use to do is no longer relevant to what I am doing now.

Somehow I forgot how beautiful my neighborhood was.  It’s possible I may not have remembered in the first place since I have been so consumed with all things Karen.

Learning to remember again through love.

By karen marie mason